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please ensure you give us the correct details and the location of the service, this will assist us to answer your questions and allow us to determine if we can supply service to your address. Our site inspection team will do a check with our software to determine Line of Site. Once this is complete, our inspection team or booking manager will contact you to answer any questions you may have

How our Wireless service works

Our service requires line of site, from an antenna on your property connecting to one of our infrastructure towers. Once your enquiry received, our coverage process will begin, if successful, you will receive a call from our bookings team that will answer any question you may have and book your installation.

VOIP Services

Bluedog Technology have partnered with a world class VOIP provider to provider the best voice services for home and business possible.

Internal Networks

Our Installation and support teams can assist you with all your internal network needs, from extending your internal wireless coverage to implementing world class firewall and network management services.

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